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Adware Trojan On The Lose – Users With Mac OS X Systems At Risk

Posted on: January 28th, 2013

Mac OS TrojanThere is always some new virus or worm on the loose, putting computer users at risk. Right now the word on the street is a Trojan Yontoo number 1 is wreaking havoc on computer users, making it impossible for users to take advantage of the Mac OS X systems. The Trojan installs an unfriendly plug-in that places fake ads on different Web pages. This plugin earns the hacker money in return. Not a bad deal overall for hackers.

This is just one of many new Trojans that hackers have devised to install adware programs on various internet web pages. Why are hackers and computer criminals making more adware Trojans? Because the individuals that make these programs have a lot to gain by making programs that may place ads on affiliate and any other type of advertisement or networking programs, especially if it is under the radar.

How Trojans Enter Computer Systems

In this particular case, this new Trojan may install through various means, including through a prompt or dialogue pop up that encourages users to install a new plug-in. These dialogues are so common, and users are so accustomed to installing new software, that they are likely to click “install” without thinking of the consequences. Once this happens, the unsuspecting computer user will visit a site that enables them to download the Trojan virus.

This Trojan.Yontoo.1 may also download from various files including media files, when users enhance media files. The dialogue may offers users an opportunity to install a Free “Twit Tube” or similar device. Trojans may download into various plugin programs including Google Chrome, Safari, Explorer, or Firefox.

Once installed the Trojan will download information about the user’s internet habits and the sites the user visits to a third-party. This information can then be used in various ways.

Why This Trojan Is Important To Pay Attention To

A Trojan is a little different from a virus. A virus can come into a system a crash it. This is not the intent of this Trojan. The worm wants to come in and basically eat away at information. The Trojan wants to come into a computer system and steal a computer user’s ad clicks. This will in turn generate a lot of revenue for the third party that is collecting the information.

It is important therefore, that the computer user take precautions to prevent this. A Mac user can protect their computer to keep it safe from such attacks. Check your operating system for malware on a regular basis, and you will help prevent attacks from malicious agents such as this.

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