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Does A Proxy Server Helps In Being Anonymous On The Internet? Let’s Find Out

Posted on: October 6th, 2013

Does A Proxy Server Helps In Being Anonymous On The Internet? Let’s Find OutThe world has progressed a lot and so is the technology. With the passage of time we can now see wonders and hiding yourself on the internet is possible or not? Let’s try and find out if it’s possible.

Hiding yourself on the internet is not possible unless you are a talented hacker. Anonymity doesn’t exist when it comes to internet. People usually say that it is possible to use internet and you can do anything, without the fear of being trapped; but it’s no more than a misconception. Being anonymous on the internet means a lot of things so you can’t take one meaning out of it.

What actually a proxy server is?

A proxy server is actually a server that provides you with the web pages, by giving its own identity to the site it visits. There are a lot of examples for this and some of them are listed below: Continue reading »

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Mac OS X: A Way Of Bypassing Proxy Settings For Specific IP Addresses

Posted on: October 4th, 2013

Mac OS X: A Way Of Bypassing Proxy Settings For Specific IP AddressesNormally installing and allowing the proxy server setting is essential for the working and accurate accomplishment of the tasks. However in many other cases the users are advised to bypass the proxy setting and can configure some other settings on their system and browser. The most efficient configuration in this regard is mentioned to be the Mac OS X configuration. With the help of this setting and employment on the system, one can be saved from applying the proxy settings for any specific IP address. This step is extremely helpful especially for the specific hosts and domains which cannot be accessed by means of ordinary proxy settings.

Usually while connecting the computer to a local network, there is certain level of protection by means of firewall. This can be done because the protection is required from the local network. Continue reading »

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Low-Cost SSL Proxy Could Bring Cheaper, Faster Security In The Minimum Possible Time

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013

Low-Cost SSL Proxy Could Bring Cheaper, Faster Security In The Minimum Possible TimePeople and programmers usually believe in availing the services of the proxy servers only when they are paid because the free proxy servers are not only slow in services, but these are not reliable in terms of security of information of someone’s personal account. Therefore people go for the paid but low cost proxy server settings. There are many brands and services which are providing maximum security to the internet accounts of the users of low cost proxy settings and server connections. Researchers have successfully spotted out the cheaper proxy servers.

The cheap proxy servers are essential in providing the fastest ways of processing and internet management. The most important and prominent low cost proxy server is the SSL proxy which can guarantee many benefits of the web browsers and workers. Continue reading »

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Buy Proxies To Make Managing Accounts Easier And Keep System Safer

Posted on: September 30th, 2013

Buy Proxies To Make Managing Accounts Easier And Keep System SaferThe trend of using and availing the free proxy services is increasing day by day but people think this service very useful and harmless. Having this idea and thought make the people oblivious of the fact that there are many side effects on your system as well as browser which can be posing threats to the system. Therefore it is required that one should not simply follow the masses and should not keep on downloading the lists of open proxies and insecure proxies. In addition to this one should be well aware of the fact that buying proxies can solve the problem to the maximum extent as compared to getting and downloading these proxies for free.

There are many benefits of buying proxies and the most prominent of these options is that it can help you out in maintaining a good stand of your clients and accounts. Continue reading »

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Benefits Of Using Scrape Box Tips

Posted on: September 28th, 2013

Benefits Of Using Scrape Box TipsScrape box is an effective and advantageous way of using the proxies. There are some important ways of discussing the utilization of scrape box. Many experts believe in the utilization of scrape box to avail the services of proxies and the biggest advantage goes to the private proxies. Especially the profit making form these private proxies by using the scrape box features is important because one can make huge profits by this techniques. This is important in increasing the number of successful posts and other awful facts can be avoided. On the other hand public proxies are also recommended in many cases and this is also comparatively found to be better in case of the working proxies.

Among the various benefits and features of the scrape box usage especially in the internet browsing and application of public or private proxies, some prominent and most important advantages are as follows: Continue reading »

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Benefits Of Using High Quality Private Proxy Services

Posted on: September 26th, 2013

1Private proxy is also known as the dedicated proxy. This is the proxy which is not accessible to everyone. Therefore this proxy is very important form the point of view of privacy maintenance. A private access to the websites helps in hiding the information and also in protecting the content from other users. There are certain characters of the private proxies which make these preferable options for applying proxies. Private proxies are faster in speed and approach to a number of websites.

The applications work with great ease and this will help in saving time as well. Private proxies are favorable because these are helpful in providing a wider selection of different geographical locations as well as different IP addresses. Internet is such an unsafe and insecure medium that your information can be easily leaked. Continue reading »

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Types Of Proxy Servers: Virtual Private Networks

Posted on: September 24th, 2013

Types of Proxy ServersAnyone who has ever accessed their company’s computer network remotely has done so through a proxy server. Most companies employ the use of virtual private networks, also known as VPN’s as a proxy server. A VPN will secure the company’s network from intrusion by outsiders while at the same time allowing employees to access the parts of the network they need in order to do work they need to do.

For the uninitiated, a proxy connects to a network through a remote location on the internet. The VPN is a permanent connection between the employee’s computer and a computer at the company that is dedicated to meeting the needs that the employee has. This connection creates a virtual tunnel through which all communication between employee and employer will pass through in an encrypted form so that no one else may access what could potentially be sensitive information. The employee sends the information, data, files, etc to the proxy or VPN server. Continue reading »

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Surge In Use Of Proxy Servers In Iran

Posted on: September 22nd, 2013

Mideast Iran InternetWhen the elections began, the citizens and voters in Iran were getting news reports from around the world via YouTube, Gmail and Google. That’s when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his regime cut off their citizen’s access to the internet by enacting a ban on YouTube, Gmail and related websites. Purportedly, this was because these sites were presenting Western values and ideas to a people who receive on the most controlled news reports. The censorship of blocking several of these sites, leading to a massive 95% plus blockage to Gmail accounts has led some in Iran to bypass the government blocks through the use of private proxy servers.

A proxy server skirts around blocks and banned sites by receiving requests from the computer’s IP address and routing them through another server in a country that is not blocked or banned. Continue reading »

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Surfing For Porn At Work

Posted on: September 20th, 2013

Surfing for Porn at WorkIt’s been another long drab day at the job you hate. You’re waiting for that minute hand to reach the twelve so you can pack up and get home. But it’s not time yet. Sure, you could do more work, get caught up for tomorrow or Monday but the truth is all you really want to do is watch some hot babes getting it on with each other. Right? Of course you do. But it is far too easy for your company to track your moves online or maybe they have blocked those sites from access through their IP address and then you go bye bye to the unemployment line. So what to do?

If you could successfully conceal your attempts to get online to those luscious blondes that are waiting for you right now, you know a ‘hide my ip’ type system? If you could do that, no one would ever know what sites you were visiting. Here are some tips to help you do just that. A couple of things to remember first and foremost, always, always and always delete your browser history. These tips won’t help if you leave your internet history on your computer. Continue reading »

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Proxy Servers May Declaw NSA Surveillance

Posted on: September 18th, 2013

Proxy Servers May Declaw NSA SurveillanceThe recent controversy over Edward Snowden’s revelation that the National Security Agency is recording and storing not only phone calls but emails and internet histories of each and every American man, woman and child has not ended. Millions of Americans are outraged at the invasions of privacy being carried out by the Obama Administration. It is a clear violation of a person’s rights as much of this material is gathered and stored prior to there ever being a warrant for their arrest.

People who utilize Google’s new Incognito Mode Chrome or Internet Explorer’s InPrivate Browsing may get a false sense of security that their identities remain anonymous as those products remove the user’s digital fingerprint from the device they are using. The problem is that the only ‘hiding’ that these users succeed in is in hiding their identity from everyone else who uses the same device. Continue reading »

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