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Facebook Proxy Lists Anonymize Political Posts

Posted on: August 15th, 2013

Facebook Proxy List Anonymizes Political PostsIn the short history of the vastly popular social media network known as Facebook the once limited network of college students on one campus has expanded across the country and across the world. Positive stories that come from interactions on Facebook flow, adopted children who have located their birth mothers, families that are reunited, relationships that are forged with just the simple postings of an occasional word of encouragement that result in dating and sometimes in marriage. Facebook is a force that has changed communication forever. But sometimes the stories are not quite so positive.

Facebook has had their share of posts of comments or pictures that have resulted in a person losing a job, losing a spouse and rarely even getting physically attacked or killed. And that’s just in America. In countries like Iran, Pakistan, China, North Korea and the other countries with oppressive governments, or totalitarian religious zealot leadership a post on Facebook can land a person in prison or get them executed.

Political activists in these countries seek to get the word out about the lack of freedom and oppression that takes place within the borders of these countries set up Facebook accounts, where large numbers of people in ‘groups’ can ‘like’ the page and get access to information they have indicated having an interest in. Unfortunately, since a Facebook post in these countries can lead to so much negative consequence, political activists have to limit the number of people who are aware of who and where they are.

The idcloak Technologies Company has released a free proxy list that essentially conceals the Facebook account holder from being identified. A proxy as you may know is accessed by a user and reroutes the internet traffic the user sees through its own network, thus concealing the user’s ip address and identity.

For political activists in countries that are experiencing hardships, the new proxy list allows them to set up the Facebook account groups and make it appear as if they are doing so from another location. Exposure to these ‘groups’ that post such ‘dangerous’ content spreads through a network of similar groups that are in areas where they do not fear discovery. That group ‘shares’ the message or post leading to more followers, more responses and more support for the cause they represent.

A proxy can help in other ways too. In the past, when a region is going through political disturbances, the government cuts off all access to the social media sites. By going through the proxy, the block on Facebook is circumvented entirely. The key is for the activist to remember to delete the browser history on their own computer when they are done so that it cannot be proven that they accessed the proxy.

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