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How To Find Yourself A Quality Proxy Service

Posted on: May 14th, 2013

Quality Proxy ServiceIn today’s internet dominated world, the use of proxy servers is manifold. People who have an online presence can use proxy servers for various reasons such as crawling or parsing websites, hit counters, game bots and etc. Although there are many proxy server providers in the market, very few of them provide quality service and give people the value for money they deserve.

The main reason behind such incidents is peoples’ ignorance about the internal workings of a proxy service. Most people have the wrong notion that more number of proxy servers usually yield higher efficiency. However, such is not always the case. If configured properly, only a 100 proxy servers can produce better performance than 1000 poorly configured or abused proxy servers. The proxy server companies capitalize in this aspect by charging their clients for more number of proxy servers while they get the job done by employing only a handful of servers.

This information might seem implausible but it is completely true. We have all the knowledge regarding proxy servers as we have been in the proxy service business for almost 10 years. We have huge experience in providing public and private corporate proxy service to individuals, webmasters and companies. We have some very experienced SEO webmasters in our team who have extensive knowledge about creating search engine traffic and getting backlinks via BBS and forum posts. Due to our expertise in such versatile areas, we have the edge over other service providers in understanding your requirements and providing the best service befitting your budget.

Here are some little known facts about proxy service that everyone should be aware of:

  • The average price for each unique IP address is 1 USD in the United States and 3 to 5 USD in European Union Countries. Some countries like Australia, India and Singapore may charge up to 5 to 10 USD. These are just rentals for one IP address per month (not a proxy).
  • The term ‘Unlimited traffic’ is often misleading. Usually no data center company provides unlimited traffic rather they provide on average 2TB traffic per dedicated server per month. Once user nears the 2TB traffic limit, the service provider caps the speed from 100mbit/s to only 10mbit/s. It prevents dedicated server from exceeding his 2TB limit while creating the illusion of unlimited traffic.
  • A dedicated server is mandatory along with an IP address to create a proxy server. The minimum rental for a dedicated server is at least 150 USD per month.

You should also consider some of the common lies and hoax marketing often employed by proxy services.

Hoax 1 – Private Proxy Servers For Only 50 Cents

As we have mentioned previously in this article, the minimum rental per month for a proxy server in the US is at least 1 USD. Hence to make any kind of profit from 50 Cent rentals, the service provider must share the same proxy between at least 3 persons. Hence the claim to provide private proxy service for 50 cents is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

Hoax 2 – Exclusive Proxy Servers For Less Than 2 USD

Only 2 USD per exclusive proxy server might seem attractive to many users but as always, there is more than it meets the eye. Service providers usually accommodate many users on the same server to lower the cost per person of the user. This is the only way a service provider can make a server available for such a low price. What it means for the customer, however, is reduced speed as the total 100mbit speed of the server is divided between all the users sharing it. Even after such a strategy, the cost per user might prove to be inadequate as there are often unforeseen contingencies such as blacklisted IP address, bottlenecking of resources and software or hardware issues.

Hoax 3 – Unlimited Traffic To All Users

As we have already established, ‘Unlimited traffic’ is essentially a myth. And the situation is worsened by service providers mounting hundred of users on the same server. Each user might get only 20GB of traffic per month in this scenario (each dedicated server has 2000GB monthly limit) and proxy service providers reduce the download speed towards the end of the month so that the usage does not cross 20GB and user feels that he has unlimited traffic. His requests are often put in queues to introduce delays which further reduce his monthly traffic usage.

The Ideal Price Of Shared And Exclusive Proxy Servers

Many people might still be confused about the optimum rental price for shared and exclusive proxy services. It can be difficult to estimate as there are many factors behind this, such as total number of users per dedicated server and using the same proxy (IP address). But as an industry thumb rule, lower prices usually indicate higher number of users per dedicated server and proxy (IP address). For exclusive servers, it can however be safe to assume that the cost per server should be somewhere between 3 to 5 USD for United States and 5 to 9 USD for European Countries.

What Is The Worth Of Unlimited Traffic?

We choose to bring up this aspect of proxy service again and again as many users seem to fall in the trap of this misleading aspect of the service. Another fact that we would like to mention here is that many clients hosted on the same server may abuse the network by overloading it and make the server unusable for other users (high ping and low download speed). We usually make it a policy to block such clients with full refund to maintain the quality of the server. But many proxy services do not take any stern action against such users and instead thrive on the payments made by those clients for the short period of time they use the service. This phenomenon makes it difficult for regular clients to use the service properly. We always ensure our regular esteemed clients are well taken care of.

What Aspects To Consider Before Choosing A Provider?

The points discussed above should have equipped you with the necessary knowledge required to choose a quality proxy service. Just remember to enquire about the following before making your decision:

  • The average uptime of the server is probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a service. If the server is down, no work can be done (your money wasted). If the number of users sharing the service is too high, then there is a higher chance of overload and server shutdown.
  • The speed of the proxy server must be able to let you download web pages quickly and efficiently. Also, concurrent page downloads must not have too much delay which can decrease work efficiency.
  • The time taken for a Ping must not take more than a 20-50 milliseconds. For too many users sharing the same server, speed for each user decreases and the ping delay can be on an average 1.5 seconds. This is a huge delay if considered in terms of the average number of threads and download requests a user makes per day. For 20 threads, there will be a delay of 30 seconds which will be repeated for all downloaded requests for the day. Such as service not worth your time and money.
  • The service must not allow more than 20 to 30 threads per user. Failure to do so gives abusive clients the chance to create too many threads and thrash the server by bottlenecking resources.

FREE TIP: It is highly suggested that you do not create more than 30 threads and keep the number of threads between 20 and 30. The load created on the server by threads depends largely upon the way script/program is written. For well written script/programs, 20 threads can create 100% load and usability of the server. Any less thread than this will have parts of the server unused while too many threads will not give you significant increase in performance but decreases your own server’s performance. Considering that dedicated servers have 100mbit available, 20 threads is the optimum amount for complete uptime and performance.

We are able to provide exclusive proxy servers for 2 USD as we have our own customly written engine. This allows us to cut down on several unnecessary costs and increase performance of our service which enables us to provide exclusive proxy servers at the price of regular shared proxy servers. We would discuss in detail our technology in the next article of this blog. So stay tuned.

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