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Hacking Group Anonymous Makes New

Posted on: April 30th, 2013

Hacking Group AnonymousA hacking group that goes by the name Anonymous made headlines recently when this past week it hacked into North Korean website This allowed Anonymous to access the personal details of more than 15,000 web users. Hacker group Anonymous claimed that they accessed six separate accounts, which included the details of user names, their passwords, the birth dates of the members and their email addresses.

This information according to the Hacker group, suggested proof of access. The group claims they have over 15000 membership records because according to the Hacker group the users chose “idiot” passwords.

The Hacker group has its own demands. They want the North Korean government to stop making nuclear weapons and stop censoring the internet. They are also demanding that Kim Jon-un step down as the leader of N. Korean.

The Anonymous hacker group claims that they are not terrorist, they are simply “good guys” from the internet, and they are there to provide good news and protections. It is uncommon for a hacker group to make such a commotion as that. Will this type of hacking prove effective?

Ultimately it probably depends on the type of information a hacking group gets into, and the type of information they expose about government officials. Were the hacking group to expose top government information, or government secrets to the public, it could become an area for concern among government agencies. As it is, it remains to be seen what if anything will be done about the recent move by the hacking group.

Protecting Passwords

What is evident from this recent attack is that hackers can easily get into a system that does not have strong passwords. What constitutes a strong password? A strong password should be made up of a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols that is not easy to remember. This combination must be written down, and changed frequently. All members that have passwords should have complicated passwords that need to be written down.

Simply having one member with a weak password can allow entry into a system. While it may be tempting to have an easy to remember password, this may compromise the security of a web system and the integrity of data. As the hackers in this case point out, the passwords to the system were “idiot” passwords that allowed the hacker group to break in easily.

Proxy Servers

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