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Protecting Your Computer From Common Attacks

Posted on: April 27th, 2013

Protecting Your ComputerSurfing the internet should be a right computer users have. There is nothing more appealing than getting on the internet and surfing for information you want or need. Many people need to conduct research on the web. When conducting research on the internet, often a user needs to access many websites, some of which may or may not be safe or infected.

Other common uses of the internet include global communications. While social media websites are often used for communicating with friends and family, many people use them for business purposes. Some use them for connecting and networking with current business partners or with potential business partners.

There are many ways that cyber criminals can take advantage of this need. Many pose as fake business professionals. They will take advantage of a business users need to network with other legitimate agents, or with new entrepreneur’s interest in making money on the internet.

Doing so, a hacker can get information about a person and hack into their system or even worse, steal their identity.

Cyber Criminals Tools on the Web

Cyber criminals use may different tools to steal information from users on the web. These include:

  • False applications – cyber criminals often use false applications to get users to provide them with information they need to steal their identity. False applications are common, and users can rarely tell the difference between them and legitimate applications on the web. Apps on Facebook are also similar to applications, but sometimes leave a hole where cyber criminals can access someone’s information. There are many apps set up on Facebook that cyber criminals currently use as malware. They do this to spread viruses, spread spam, or to steal personal information from users. Apps are particularly dangerous as they allow cyber criminals to pose as you on the internet.
  • Phishing – this is a common tool that cyber criminals have used for many years. Using common phishing schemes criminals will set up fake pages to steal information from users on the web. They may set up advertisements in an attempt to get users to post information about fake money making or business opportunities.

One way to prevent damage from these schemes is to know about them in advance and to be alert to them. The more cautiously you surf the web, the more likely you are to protect your computer and identity from malicious attacks.

Proxy Servers

You can also set up a proxy server to protect you from malicious attacks on the web. Cheap proxy servers help filter information on the web and allow you to surf the internet anonymously. These serves prevent cyber criminals from spying on you unnecessarily. Consider using a proxy server to protect your identity when trying to establish a business on the web.

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