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Important Security Tips For Frequent Internet Users

Posted on: April 25th, 2013

Important Security TipsThere are some security essentials that most people always use. Some of these include anti-virus protection software. Most social media users know that using the internet without some sort of virus protection in modern society is much like suicide. However there are other important safety precautions that internet security users must also use, including additional security measures that are important to consider in an age where increasing cyber-attacks are a threat.

Privacy Settings

One of the ways to improve security on the internet is by understanding your privacy settings. This can ensure that your data is safer. Privacy settings include whether you allow pop-ups or cookies to appear on your website. Cookies include text files that other websites may put on your computer. These files help web pages remember information about you when you visit from one page to the next. Most of the time a cookie is harmless, simply remember what you clicked from one page to the next. Some people get upset however when websites place cookies on their computers without their knowledge.

A website should always inform a consumer if it uses cookies. A cookie always can also be used to gather personal information about you. You can change the privacy settings on your computer to block cookies from collecting information about your computer, except from websites that you trust or create exceptions for.  The same is true of pop-ups. You can block them except for websites that you provide permissions for.

Bitdefender Safego

This is a service that is an anti-scam service offered free for Twitter and Facebook users. This scans anything posted to your Timeline or wall as well as messages and friends updates. Comments posted to Facebook pages will also be scanned. The software can scan for many types of phishing activity and warn you or potential privacy issues. You must first authorize the Bitdefender Aafego application to access your account so that it can monitor it.

The application will then work to notify you when it discovers malicious activity. You can also set up options so that information is set to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Proxy Servers

Another way to protect your privacy when surfing Facebook or Twitter is by using a cheap proxy server. A proxy server can function in many ways. One of the most popular ways proxy servers are used in conjunction with Facebook and related websites is to allow users to surf these websites anonymously. A proxy can hide your normal IP address allowing you to login securely using SSL encryption. This allows you to login securely. When combined with other measures including increased security, a proxy works extremely well at protecting you online.

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