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How Social Medical Companies Improve Internet Security

Posted on: April 23rd, 2013

Social Medical CompaniesSurfing on the web is on longer a pastime, it is something that many people spend a large portion of their day doing. Some for work, some for pleasure. Regardless of the reason it is important that when surfing the internet, users know exactly what they are getting into. There are many risks associated with surfing the internet. It is important that proper security is put in place to protect users from internet cyber attacks including infestation with malicious software.

More and more social media sites and other websites are offering their own security tools to help protect web users. If you rely on these alone however, your information and personal computing details may not be safe on the web. Many websites, like Facebook, have been compromised. The news is full of reports of major companies that have been hacked, with user information being leaked on the web.

Users can protect themselves by not posting their information on the internet. However sometimes posting information on the net is unavoidable, or undesirable. This is often the case for businesses. Business owners have to maintain contact with one another. One way they do this is by networking on the web. Networking often requires sharing information over the internet, including the pertinent details of one’s business. In the course of doing business, important information gets passed from one computer to another. Thus, many people realize that it is impossible not to share their information on the internet.

Still others enjoy the luxury that social media websites offer. For families that lives miles apart, there may be no other way to communicate except by sharing photographs and other personal information over free social media websites.

There are many tools available that you can use to improve security. Some of these include free monitoring tools. These include:

  • Social Shield – This is a free service that works with social media programs including Facebook and Twitter. This protects information that is placed in posts, messages, photos and comments. Users are alerted of any suspicious material on the web. This is also a good tool for monitoring younger members of household’s private accounts on the web.
  • Link Guarding – Link guarding is not a social media tool. It is something that anyone that surfing the internet regularly should do. There are hundreds of links posted on the internet regularly. Many of these links are false links posted by hackers. If you aren’t sure of the legitimacy of a link, don’t click on it. A link can very easily  take you to a website where phishers want to steal information. Links also provide access for malware to enter into a system. Cyber criminals can enter computers through various means including through links, attachments, and other means.  Even if a link looks like it is from a family member or associate double check it to be sure it is from a legitimate source.
  • Proxy Servers – Proxy servers are a great tool for protecting your web space and internet. Proxy servers act as an intermediary between your computer and other computers on the web. Many use them to access Facebook and related websites anonymously. This can also speed up your access to well-trafficked internet sites including popular social media websites.

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