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Security Flaws Can Create Computer Vulnerabilities

Posted on: April 22nd, 2013

Security FlawsIn recent news, team Unix NetBSD reported that they discovered a flaw in the security of the open-source operating system. This according to the team, can result in weakness in the cryptographic keys, which ultimately may open the door to cyber attackers. The weak keys, could be accessed by hackers who could decrypt the information, ultimately making any security currently used on them useless according to the programming team.

The team also reports that the security keys that were created were predictable keys because the random number generator used to create them was flawed. This demonstrates how one flaw in a security system can lead to a domino effect of other flaws or security holes in a system. This flaw doesn’t affect one scenario but many, as there are more than one version of the NetBSD. Only versions that are older than those produced after January 26, 2013 are affected by the loophole in security. Users that have keys with security holes need to have their Unix kernels updated.

Is this a common problem? The team reports that for many systems that were set up with the NetBSD 6.0, all keys should be considered weak or compromised.

This simple flaw simply highlights the imperfection of technology. While programmers do their best to perfect technology, nothing is perfect. Even with the best technology at hand, anything can go wrong, and sometimes a flaw isn’t discovered until sometimes it is too late, or data becomes compromised.

Holes In Your Computer Security Systems

Cyber attacks most often occur when there are weaknesses in a computer network security system. Weaknesses can come in many ways. They can come through lack of adequate protections, or by users not knowing how to use internet security tools accurately.

There are many ways to screen for holes in your personal computer network. One of the holes that many people have in their network security is that they do not see attacks coming in before they happen. One way to prevent this from happening is by using a proxy server.

A proxy server functions as a middle man. It will screen web sites, files, and other information before it enters your computer network. This can protect your computer from malicious attacks. Proxy servers also filter information and requests that you send out to other websites. Yet another benefit of proxy servers is that they allow users to surf the internet anonymously. Buy cheap proxy and check into proxy servers as a way of identifying holes in your own internet networks.

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